Rubber Molded Convoluted Boots and Rubber Bellows


  • Molded Silicone Rubber Bellows for Food Packaging 101867, 101868

    A company called Multifeeder Technology contacted Custom Rubber Corp. regarding a bellows sealing application - the product has to protect a moving shaft during a “wash down” for food and/or pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Multifeeder Technology designs and manufactures high performance equipment for the packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, card, and food industries. 

    The Engineering Manager visited our plant after receiving our quote for two different molded silicone bellows. He was pleased with what he saw; Custom Rubber Corp.'s facility is clean, modern, and well organized with a workforce that is friendly and engaged. Multifeeder needed parts for a new machine they were exhibiting at a trade show and wanted the parts to be their company color: purple. They had a very tight time line. Custom Rubber Corp. worked with our suppliers and together were able to get perfect looking purple, silicone molded bellows to the customer by their desired date.

    Specifically the parts are protective boots designed to create a hygienic seal for a shaft that is moved/adjusted in different positions based on the thickness of the product being packaged. Both parts require a machined steel part to be bonded to the purple silicone material. The single bellow part comes in both a right-hand and left-hand configuration which Custom Rubber Corp. was able to accommodate with markings on the steel plate and some hidden locating features for the metal insert.