Custom Molded FKM Stopper


  • Custom Molded FKM Stopper Ref: 101788
    This simple custom cylindrical rubber molded stopper is for the Nuclear power industry.  The material requirements are stringent and extreme, which is why the custom rubber stoppers are molded with FKM or fluoroelastomer material - a material that has excellent chemical resistance and works well at extreme temperatures, hot or cold.
    The dimensional tolerances required for this part also were quite stringent, and Custom Rubber Corp. molded the part to ARPM A1 High Precision Tolerances (ARPM - The Association for Rubber Product Manufacturers - publishes a "Rubber Handbook" that has industry standard dimensional tolerances.  Contact Custom Rubber Corp. to learn more about this guide to designing rubber components.

    No matter what your application challenge is, whether it's tight dimensional tolerances or environmental extremes, Custom Rubber Corp. can help with design and material selection, and ultimately provide rubber molded parts that work every time.