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This is THE pivotal role at Custom Rubber. It's a position that interacts and coordinates all other departments; sales, customer service, manufacturing, and maintenance. The role has a significant impact on profitability because it controls resource allocation and optimization. We are looking for a person who is comfortable working as part of a team and able to meet responsibilities and achieve goals in a changing environment.

Custom Rubber Corp. is a family owned and operated designer and manufacturer of specialty rubber components. CRC products are used in a variety of industries including major and small appliances, oil and gas, medical, automotive, electronics, material handling and consumer products.
CRC is located on E. 55th in Cleveland, OH with easy access to Interstate 90 and Route 2.

CRC is a growing company; increasing employee count by 30% in the last year. Currently, we have an open position for a Production Scheduler/Materials Planner.  The following is an overview of the responsibilities of the Production Scheduler/Materials Planner.

Material Planning
  • Order raw materials to meet scheduling needs in order to service the customer
  • Control inventory levels to minimize spoilage and downtime, including coordinating physical inventory checks

  • Maintain frequent contact with vendors to ensure on time deliveries and expedite when necessary

Maintain and update forward-looking 5 week schedule to determine

  • Bottlenecks on machinery

  • Future staffing needs / trends

  • Opportunities for efficiency maximization

Use forward-looking 5 week schedule, current orders, staffing and machine availability to plan the daily schedule - including mold changes to meet customer delivery expectations
  • Direct mold changes, release of jobs and mold cleaning needs through the assistance of the shift Supervisors, Mold Setters & Process Technicians
  • Improve the scheduling system through program changes and lean principles to reduce waste and increase efficiency and accuracy

Key metrics include:

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Labor Utilization

  • Schedule Attainment

  • Inventory Accuracy


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  • An essential function of this job requires that you are physically able to lift and lower up to 50 pounds of materials. To do this, you must be able to adjust your body position to bend, stoop, stand, walk, turn and pivot. In addition, you must work in an environment with variable temperatures and must be able to read words and numbers. Can you perform these essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations?
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